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funerária no lumiar

Funerária do Lumiar

We are here to support you through your difficult times.

Funerária do Lumiar

24-hour service

Funerária do Lumiar was founded in 1993 by João Cardoso and Maria da Piedade. The purpose is now, and has always been, to provide the best service and product quality as well as support at one of the most difficult moments in life.


Thanks to our professional team, we are able to accompany families on the death of their loved one. Our services are constant; we are available for you 24 hours a day, anywhere in the country or abroad.

Our team deploys specialised personnel to carry out all kinds of funeral services including preparing any floral arrangements you may wish and we also operate a fleet of modern vehicles. We also have the necessary accommodations in our facilities to accommodate the deceased until the time of the funeral, when needed.


Since 1993, our aim has been to help in every possible way and to offer our support and care in this emotionally charged moment.

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Useful Information

What to do in the event of a death

At home

In the case of death at the usual residence of the deceased, the residence of a relative or someone who was in charge of the deceased - contact Funerária do Lumiar. Our team will deal with all necessary further contacts and the issues around the Death Certificate.

In a residential care home/institution

The institution itself will take care of all the necessary contacts and the issuing of the Death Certificate. The relatives will be informed by the institution and should contact Funerária do Lumiar to organise the funeral service.


In case of accident, crime or suicide

In these cases, it is necessary to contact the law enforcement authorities in the area where the incident occurred as the law requires the deceased undergo an autopsy. The family should contact Funerária do Lumiar in order for us to obtain information on the date and time of the autopsy from the competent authorities.

What is necessary to issue the Death Registration

Funerária do Lumiar will deal with these issues but, to this end, we need some documents and information from you:

  • If the deceased was married or widowed or legally separated: name of the spouse, identification of the spouse, date and place of marriage;

  • If the deceased was divorced: name of the ex-spouse, date of divorce, indication of the Court or Registry Office where the divorce was processed;

  • Whether or not the deceased left any assets and, if so, who his/her heirs are;

  • Whether or not the deceased left a will and, if so, who his/her executor is

  • Whether or not the deceased left minor children;

  • When there is evidence of violent death, suspicion of a crime or the doctor states he/she does not know the cause of death, it is necessary for the Court to issue a statement providing the time of the autopsy or its waiver.

Some important information you need to consider
  • At such a sensitive time, you still need to keep some information in mind - we present it below - but we guarantee you our constant support during the process.

  • The Declaration of Death can be made at any registry office;

  • When the declaration is made on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, it must be presented to the competent police authority in the parish where the body lies;

  • On Registration of Death, a Burial Form will be delivered, which allows the funeral to take place.

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